Modern Minimalist Fashion Simulation Fake Book Decoration Storage Box Luxury Living Room Home Office Cafe Photo Props

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Please read carefully when purchasing, this is an open style. Some pictures of the displayed products are incomplete, if you need a complete picture, please contact customer service. Please choose the model according to your needs, if you have any questions, please contact our beautiful customer service lady first. Simulation Book Model OPEN: Choose open to buy open, can also be used for decoration Put into wax melt, jewelry, TV remote, unique storage solution for your secret stash Now, we don't have to spend big bucks for a real copy book to decorate,

The same decorative effect can be achieved with this simulated book model!

It's cheaper, comes in a variety of styles, and weighs less.

This product can be placed in hotels, villas, mansions, model rooms, clubs, fashion stores, bringing stylish and elegant effects to your space.

It can also be used as a prop when taking photos or videos,

The most exciting thing is that we designed it to be openable. It can be placed on the coffee table as an ornament or opened as a storage box.

There are magnetsSize: 26.7*17*4.2cm (10.5*6.7*1.65 inches)

This product is cardboard + printing paper, the printing effect is the same as the real book

Some of the above pictures are incomplete. If you want to view the full version, please contact our customer service. It is easy to use, beautiful and practical.

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